The BRICS100

Fastest Growing Companies of 2014

27 Brazilian, 39 Indian, 6 Russian, 16 Chinese and 12 South African companies make the 2014 marquee of BRICS100 Fastest Growing Companies. And all of them, without exception – have broken new grounds either in what they serve and produce; or, in how they connect-up with customers and markets and cover them; or, how they seek to re-define and re-cast the ways to manage business and to create value for the environments they are in. BRICS100 Research, for the first time ever, brings to the fore, the companies that have moved away from the shadows of the smokestack behemoths, and who now serve sparkling fresh wines in spanking new bottles. Sure enough, the BRICS100 Fastest Growing Companies have done their countries and industries proud, and proven, how the courage to do the new and to challenge the deadbeat, can set entrepreneurs and enterprises up for leading in the future. You can write to us at info@brics100.com to share your views and suggestions.

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Businesses from BRICS countries added at least 2.0 trillion dollars to the international GDP last year. And created a million+ jobs in exciting new business verticals for their young and the talented. The combined 1000+ business schools and universities in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa added a million+ talents to the BRICS workforce, and filed thousands of patents across sectors.

The BRICS100 listings seek to celebrate, for the first time ever, the rising BRICS power to drive science, technology and business around the world, and unleash exemplary new standards in skill-development and education in the times to come for the world to follow.

The BRICS100 Fastest Growing Companies; the BRICS100 Top Business Schools, and the BRICS100 Best Universities are the three current listings of BRICS100 Research, starting out in 2014 to return in April every year.

While the the BRICS100 Top Business Schools, and the BRICS100 Best Universities listings are finalizing to be released shortly, the 2014 listing for the BRICS100 Fastest Growing Companies of the five BRICS nations combined, is right here.


Best Business Schools 2014

BRICS100 Best Business Schools listing includes the top business and management schools in BRICS countries that have contributed to the growth of business in the region through entrepreneurship and original research. Stand by for the 2014 list.

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Top Universities 2014

BRICS100 Top Universities listing consists of universities and higher-education & research institutions in BRICS nations that have catalyzed all-round growth of the BRICS economies through worldclass teaching and research. The 2014 list is releasing shortly.

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